6000 – Instructional Services

6100Curriculum Services
P6110Curriculum Development
P6111Curriculum Planning
P6112Curriculum Research
P6113Curriculum Design
P6114Curriculum Adoption
P6115State Mandated Curriculum: American History
P6116State Mandated Curriculum: Human Sexuality
P6117Veteran’s Day Commemoration
P6118State Mandated Curriculum – Mental Health Awareness
P6119Computer Science Class
P6120Curriculum Guides
P6121Holocaust Education
P6122Social Studies Religious Influence Class
P6130Drug Education
P6140Services for Students with Disabilities
P6145Service Animals in Schools R6145 Regulation
P6150Curriculum for At-Risk Students
P6160Curriculum for Gifted and Talented Students
P6170Early Childhood Education
P6180English Language Learner (ELL)
P6190Virtual Education – Less than Full-Time Equivalent
P6191Virtual Education – Full-Time Equivalent
P6210Instructional Time
P6215Reading Success
P6251Blind Students Independence, Training and Education
P6220Student Teachers and Interns
P6230Textbook Selection and Adoption R6230 Regulation
P6231Textbook Usage-Students R6231 Regulation
P6240Instructional Materials
P6241Challenged Materials R6241 Regulation
P6242Religious or Controversial Issues
P6243Copyrighted Materials
P6250Instruction for Students with Disabilities R6250 Regulation
P6255Independent Educational Evaluation Policy for Disabled Students Under the IDEA R6255 Regulation
P6260Educational Surrogate
P6270Instruction for At-Risk Students R6270 Regulation
P6271Instruction for Gifted and Talented Students
P6272Instruction for Preschool Students
P6273Underperforming Test Scores
P6274Instruction for Migrant Students
P6275Instruction for Homebound Students R6275 Regulation
P6280Vocational/Technical Education
6300Library, Media, and Technology Services
P6310School Libraries R6310 Regulation
P6320Internet Safety Policy R6320 Regulation
6400Evaluation Services
P6410Evaluation of Instructional Programs
P6420Test Security
P6440 Statewide AssessmentScreening for Dyslexia
P6445Screening for Dyslexia
P6450 Assignment of Grades
6500Community Education/Continuing Education Program
P6510Instruction for Adults
P6530Email Records and Electronically Stored Information
P6531 Records Retention/Destruction R6531 Regulation